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Selecting the best materials for your art-work

Atelier Glaz works closely with select French & European manufacturers like Billebault & Delf, who have earned the prestigious EPV certification

Mount boards & papers

All our mounts, sub-mounts, papers, isolation and backboards and acid-free (ph neutral). We encourage our clients to use conservation “museum” boards because they protect the art-piece better over time.

We also work with a selection of hand-made “Lokta” paper, and other creative papers for decorative work.


Frames in wood
Closed corner frames
Golden frames
Silver frames
Black frames
White frames
Frames in aluminium
Tray frames

Frame mouldings:

We offer a wide selection of wooden and aluminium frames made in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the Czech Republic.

Wooden mouldings:

We offer a range of more than 1000 wooden moulding references in solid wood in various profiles: oak, maple, walnut, wenge… We carry various gilded and silver wood, lacquered and painted woods in classic and contemporary profiles as well as fancy decorative mouldings. 

We also have a selection of Marie-Louise profiles in wood, which are used to isolate the canvas from the frame. Each wooden frame is made with the lengths of mouldings chosen. The frame is cut and assembled to your measurements. We also colour frames on request (Napoleon III, walnut tincture, whitewash finish, etc. …)


Aluminium frame mouldings:

There are a few virtues of framing with Aluminium mouldings. When one considers the consequences of time on a prized work of art, the chemical inertness of Aluminium is an attractive attribute for conservation framing. 

Once formed, an aluminium frame doesn’t contort with time. Mouldings are readily available in various profiles, from classic to modern. Such enduring characteristics make it an attractive choice for large and mid-sized picture frames.

To custom frame pictures, we work with aluminium frame mouldings from Nielsen for several reasons: They provide a large choice of contemporary profiles and colours. They manufacture in France and Germany, ensure consistent quality, reliable production capacity and quick deliveries.


Closed corner frames:

These mouldings are the absolute reference in terms of manufacturing classic or contemporary frames. Closed corner frames, finished corner frames & seamless corner frames are all variations to denote the same thing.

These are top end mouldings and their corners appear seamless. Each frame is unique because the coating, the gilding, the hue, the patina, the wear, the patterns, the sculptures are all handmade on the frame after it is shaped to fit the work of art. Closed corner frames are cherished by many a discerning artist, gallery & collector to complement art in exceptional and polished style.   

We have been working for many years with the remarkable and passionate team at DELF (labelled EPV).



Glazing is essential for the framing of all works on paper (watercolour, drawings, pastels, engravings, etc. …). It protects the work from dust, humidity, insects etc. It also gives rigidity to the frame package. The type of glazing used protects from UV rays and drastically reduces glare.

For most frames, a 2mm glass will suffice. We use 3mm (much heavier) for very large formats. In these cases, the moulding must be chosen accordingly to be able to support the weight of the glass in a sustainable way.

Depending upon your needs, Atelier Glaz offers 3 qualities of different glasses, from “Museum” glass to standard glass.

  • Artglass Anti-Glare Extra-Violet 99% UV: This is an exceptional, “museum” quality glass. It guarantees 99% UV protection and thanks to its anti-glare treatment, it enhances the work optimally. This is the best choice for preserving & presenting your works.
  • Artglass, anti-reflective glass (anti UV 70%): is perfectly transparent. Among its other notable qualities, it renders colour faithfully and its anti-reflective treatment makes it almost invisible to the eye. We recommend its use for all types of work (photos, drawings, etchings etc.).
  • The standard 2mm glass offers basic protection. Reflection could hinder visibility of the work and alter the way colours are seen. Standard glass does not protect from UV in the long term.
Caroline portrait glasses
Lorraine cross key frame

Wooden Frames

For stretching Canvas

Paintings on canvas are usually stretched on wooden frames. At Atelier Glaz, we use stretcher bars designed so as to eliminate the possibility of leaving any marks on the stretched canvas. We build quality frames with 4 bevelled stretcher bars and we merge the corners with interlocking tenon joints.

Quality of wooden stretcher bars

At Atelier Glaz, we mainly use high quality French-made stretcher bars. All our wooden frames are constructed interlocking tenon joints to offer a high resistance to stretching, that the canvas will eventually be subject to.

Slots for wooden wedges in corners & near the cross bars allow canvases to be stretched when needed: that maintains the canvas at a required level of tension.

We prefer to construct frames from wide stretcher bars and we build in cross braces that are adaptable to the size of the artwork. Based on how large the canvas is, it is sometimes necessary to consider reinforced cross braces: single or two crosses. That guarantees a better stability over time.

Other considerations

The rate of ambient humidity or dryness strongly impacts wood. So, it’s important to know the final destination of the completed frame. This is one of the important factors that maintain the frame from twisting over time.

We handle all formats as long as they can go through the front door of the workshop once stretched …

“It’s the lack of quality that eventually costs more.”

Philip Crosby