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Réalisation de Lavis à l'Atelier Glaz

Fine Art Framing in Montrouge, at the south tip of Paris

Claire Pandurkar, art framer since 2005, welcomes you to Atelier GLAZ in Montrouge. Claire is a certified Artisan. Passionate about art and creativity in general, her workshop frames wide range of art and objects. Be it tray frames for framing canvases, float mounting artwork, silver-print photography, contemporary painting, old engravings, unusual objects or naive art, Claire finds inspiration and pleasure in working with diverse works of art from all over the world. The technical challenges they represent vitalise Claire to delight clients every day.


Framers at Atelier Glaz are qualified and experienced professionals. For each project, they carry out state of the art work. A Framer’s know-how deems a mastery of the technical constraints, an understanding the particularities of the art-piece, and an appreciation of the client’s aesthetic expectations.

Since its beginnings in Montrouge, the Atelier Glaz workshop has become a place of exchange and meetings with artists and art-collectors.

Completed works of the framing workshop can be found in local and international exhibitions. Much of what the Atelier does graces homes of individuals and art-collectors, offices and public institutions.

Your journey with Atelier Glaz: from an idea to a frame that suits your unique need

For you to get our undivided attention, we recommend taking an appointment. From the moment we receive you, we listen & determine your needs and preferences. We consider where the completed work will be displayed.

Once we’ve established some of the basics, our goal at Atelier Glaz is to guide you through the multitude of framing and presentation options that:

  • help emphasise the grace, chic or opulence of the framed art based on what you wish to portray
  • ensure the art so framed, is appropriately protected & stands the test of time

Appreciation of art and framed art, is a very personal thing. We recognise that and our process is calibrated to deliver an outcome to satisfy you. We advise and guide you to co-create the desired outcome with us. We’ve often observed that co-creation instils a sense of personal pride for the custom frame you’ve designed. During our interaction, we help you choose the dimensions, shape and colour of a favourable moulding and the type of glazing that will compose a custom frame.

Each work context is unique. The Atelier hence establishes a clear, precise quotation during your visit and a completion date. Once you’ve reviewed and signed the quotation, we work to ensure your trust in Atelier Glaz is well placed. 

When work is completed, you’ll receive a sms or a mail to confirm it’s ready.

Here’s what happens till you see the completed work.

Co-création avec un client

“Perfection is in the details, perfection isn’t a detail”

– Léonard de Vinci

Recent work

Recent perspectives

French Mats: a timeless French technique to make art sublime

French Mats: a timeless French technique to make art sublime

How French Mats, an old French technique, infuses a stately, elegant look to your drawings and engravings. Create an exclusive ambience in modern settings

They’ve trusted us with their work



Elodie Sagot

Testimonial-portrait-Elodie Sagot
Interior Designer

Working with a craftsperson like Claire is a pleasure.
Her proposals are apt, her approach to aesthetics is studied and the works are impeccably finished. All at reasonable prices, consistent quality of service and
in good humor !

Alison Bignon

Testimonial-portrait-Alison Bignon
Artist, Painter

As an artist, it is important to be able to work with framers who are attentive and with real artistic sensitivity.
This is why I work with Atelier Glaz and I recommend them to my collectors.

François Darves

Testimonial-portrait-Francois Darves Bornoz
Art Collector

Claire Pandurkar knows how to look at artwork, understands what the artist wants to project and respects the finished look the collector wants to achieve.
She knows how to guide and suggest, without ever affirming or imposing.
Her always curious look & pertinent advice contribute to bringing art collectors back to Atelier Glaz.

Sitor Senghor

Testimonial-portrait-Sitor Senghor
Commissioner of Art Exhibitions

Claire instinctively understands the importance of framing to enhance artwork and this allows us to exhibit better and sell well.
She’s attentive to the constraints of the Art Gallery and takes care to enhance the artist’s work. Claire’s work is meticulous and is always very noticed. She is an invaluable working partner!

Candace Marshall-Smith

salons-logo-Studio Smith
Owner, Smith Studio, Cape Town

Claire at Atelier Glaz was very helpful when I needed to have our artwork stretched for the AKAA fair. The work was done on time and to perfection. On the day of the installation, she even delivered the artwork to me at the art fair in person. Being a foreigner in Paris, I appreciated the help she so kindly provided me. I highly recommend the services of Atelier Glaz

Artists, Galleries, Corporates, Institutions