Art touches most of us emotionally in a myriad of ways

Most of us cherish something personal, so the notion of protecting, preserving and possibly showing it off in a pleasing way is quite commonplace. First and foremost, framing enhances the visual appeal of a photo, painting or an object. It also serves to protect the work sustainably over time. Achieving both goals are easier said than done – that's when a good Art-Framer can help

The Art-Framer's craft has evolved over time

A professional Art-Framer spends years learning their craft leading to a Diploma. Then they generally hone their framing skills by working under master crafts-persons. They advise you on how best to arrange the work to bring out its best qualities for maximum effect.

Art-Framers are mindful of the type of work they are being entrusted with and also who they are working with. When you find one, it’s usually the beginning of a long relationship based on that person’s unique capabilities, their ability to listen to your needs & consistently produce the end result you desire.

They're quite naturally appreciative of art in all its forms. They're attentive to detail and guide you on what to use depending on the type of work you need framed. That includes;

  • techniques or styles
  • materials (mouldings, acid free mount boards & papers, types of glazing ranging from anti-reflection to UV protection),
  • fixations

In times past, the choice and quality of materials used provided a sense of how valued a work of art was to the owner and served as a testimony of their wealth. Since the last century however, conspicuousness in Framing art has grown increasingly subtle and discreet.

sea urchin shells picked on a beach in summer seem priceless to a parent

Art-Framer working on Box Frames of Sea Urchin shells
Box Frames of Sea Urchin shells

In a world of infinite choices, it's becoming increasingly difficult to decide what brings us joy.

One sees variations of the "One size doesn't fit all" axiom in Art Framing in novel ways too. The value of custom or bespoke Framing depends upon a host of variables needed to assemble the subject harmoniously and satisfactorily for the owner.

Art-Framers determine worth by type of work to be undertaken (Bevel, Box, French Mats, stretching paintings on canvas etc), mount board quality, nature of paper used, the glazing and the nature of moulding chosen among other factors like the individual sensibilities towards design, colour, composition, the context in which the finished work will be viewed etc.

So why should one solicit an Art-Framer ?

When you confide work to an Art-Framer, you are guaranteed work that confirms to an exacting professional standard. INMA, the French national guild for Arts & Crafts regroups professionals from various art domains.

As in this example, INMA's directory provides an extensive list or professionals to choose from.

To conclude, whatever type of work you need framed, an Art-Framer will know;

  1. how to guide you through the infinite choices to the one that corresponds to your vision of the finished work,
  2. will explain why she'd suggest certain techniques to clients and
  3. deliver work that can be dismounted at a future point in time without damaging the art piece.

In conclusion, somewhere in the memoirs of the illustrious Marshall Joseph Gallieni are these words that might offer perspective and explain the "why an Art-Framer";

It's necessary that our work stands the test of time, and for that, you have to call those specialists who know how to & can. Joseph Gallieni (1849 – 1916)

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